Temperature controlled transports

Tempcon Group are specialists in temperature controlled transport. We help you tailor a customized solution that optimally meets your specific needs and specifications.

Warehouse & Terminal

In Tempcon Group's warehouses and terminals, your goods are in safe hands. The goods are handled and stored in premises that comply with the latest legislation and the most stringent requirements for efficiency, hygiene and safety.

We can chilled and frozen transports
Erling Andersson Åkeri – EA Åkeri – was established in 1951 and has focused on food transport since 1963. Since the autumn of 2021, we are part of the Tempcon Group. Something that has opened up completely new opportunities for transport solutions that extend throughout Sweden and far beyond its borders. Our ambition is that you as a customer should always feel that you can trust that your transport is carried out legally, delivered on time without damage and traveled through an unbroken cold chain. As a customer of EA, we want you to focus on what you do best and we will solve your transport and logistics needs.

Nothing is so good that it can not get better
EA is a modern haulage company that focuses on temperate transports. EA Åkeri’s business concept is to deliver and market refrigerated and frozen transports to the food industry within Sweden. Our ambition is to become Sweden’s best haulier together with our sister companies within Tempcon. To get there, we focus on legal transports in time, without damage and with the right temperature.

Long customer relationships
As a customer of EA, you get the best of both worlds. The small company with great flexibility and personal contact but also a large network of transports together with our committed sister companies within Tempcon. EA has extremely long customer relationships and always strives to offer you as a customer a good quality with the highest possible service. In order for us to get there, it is important that we have a close dialogue and you as a customer give us the right conditions for our assignment.

Our coworkers

Stefan Ohlmander

CEO +46 (0)511-134 60

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Office manager +46 (0)511-134 60

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Invoicing manager +46 (0)511-134 60

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Invoicing +46 (0)511-134 60

Emma Sandberg

Management system/Running and rest times +46 (0)511-134 60

Johan Brunkow

Operational manager +46 (0)511-134 60

Gabriel Lång

Production manager +46 (0)511-134 60

Johan Gustafsson

Transport manager operational chief North +46 (0)511-134 60

Maguns Lund

Transport manager operational chief South +46 (0)511-134 60

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Transport manager +46 (0)511-134 60

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Transport manager +46 (0)511-134 60

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Transport manager +46 (0)511-134 60

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Foreman +46 (0)511-134 60

Tommy Johansson

Terminal manager Linköping +46 (0)760-45 93 20

Martin Westlund

Garage coordinator

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Refrigeration technician +46 (0)511-134 60

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Parental leave +46 (0)511-134 60

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Office, warehouse & Garage

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Ängatorpsgatan 4, 532 37 Skara
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Monday - Friday : 07.00 - 17.00

Terminal Linköping

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Idögatan 14, 582 78 Linköping
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Monday - Friday : 05.00 - 15.00

Whistleblower channel

HERE you will find information about our whistleblower channel and how we handle whistleblower matters. You can also submit a case via the link HERE.